How do I order a set of GMR Forged 3PC wheels? 

These sets are custom built-to-order and have many options to tailor the wheels specifically for you and your vehicle. 

You can order the set directly from the wheel models page and once ordered, one of our consultants will contact you and go over all the wheel details and customizable options (wheel size, finish, etc). 

You can also Contact Us and once we confirm all the wheel build details, we can send an invoice to purchase. 

Do I have to pay up-front in full for GMR Forged 3PC orders?

We allow a 50% deposit to get the wheel build started with the remainder due on completion so we can ship. Use code DOWNPAYMENT on check out if you would like to do a 50% down instead of paying in full up front. The remainder will be due on completion so we can ship. 

Note: Other finishes other than standard options will be an additional cost. 

How do I order a set of GMR Flow Forged wheels?

You can order it directly from the wheel model page and select the size and finish. In most cases, the wheels are in stock and ready to ship. 

What finish options do you have for your GMR Forged 3PC wheels? 

We offer a variety of colors and possible finishes for our 3PC wheels. These finishes can be executed on the wheel faces, outer lips, inner barrels, and center caps. Finishes include solid and matte powdercoat colors, polish, triple chrome plating, and candy colors which can be applied over brush or polish bases.

What is a Step Lip?

CNC Spun before being heat treated mirror polished and drilled aluminum Step Lip contour rim offers the traditional outer lip. The valve hole is located in the lip. 

What is a Reverse Lip?

CNC Spun before being heat treated mirror polished and drilled aluminum Reverse Contour. Reverse lip rims feature a flat lip. The valve hole is located behind the center facing forward.